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Alvin has over 10 years of experience in tax and family office-related services. He has worked in the transfer pricing department of BDO and ShineWing and has worked in family office-related tax and identity planning services at Sim Mong Teck & Partners and KPMG. He holds a double Masters in Asset and Wealth Management (WMI MAWM) and International Political Economy (RSIS IPE) from Nanyang Technological University. He is a Singapore Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA) and a Family Office Advisor (IBFQ Family Office). 

张千丰先生拥有十余年税务及家族办公室相关的咨询服务经验。他曾在国际会计师事务所(德豪与信永中和)转移定价部门工作,并曾在沈茂德律师事务所和毕马威会计师事务所从事家族办公室相关的税务及身份规划服务。他拥有南洋理工大学(NTU)资产与财富管理及国际政治经济学双硕士学位。他是新加坡特许税务顾问(ATA)及家族办公室顾问(IBFQ Family Office)。

Alvin Teo 张千丰: Team
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